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   Baked Stuffed Onions - Sl 6/83
   Bhindi (Okra) with Coconut - Cic
   Caramelized Onions
   Overnight Cabbage Slaw
   Couscous with Basil
   Stuffed Bread
   White on Gold (Squash / Corn) - Ba 10/84
   Zippy Zucchini - Ba 10/84
   New Potatoes in Sean's Creamy Savory Dressing - Ba 10/84
   Tomatoes, Tomatoes - Ba 10/84
   Likker Pudding
   Ginger Orange Carrots
   Green Beans with Walnut Dressing - Sl 11/94
   Glazed Sweet Potato Casserole - Sl 11/90
   Long-Grain and Wild Rice
   Potato Deluxe...joannie B.
   Glazed Sweet Potato Wedges
   Golden Potato Nuggets
   Fancy Beans
   Vidalia Onion Risotto with Feta Cheese
   Mushrooms with White Truffle Oil
   Honey, It's Parsnips
   Swedish Rutabagas
   Tabbouleh with Meat
   Roasted Leeks - House Beautiful
   Herbed Carrots and Leeks - Country Living
   Roasted Veggies (Lob)
   Slow Cooked Sage Dressing
   Dressing for a Crowd
   Baked Sweet Potato Fries
   Korean: Kim Chee
   Gatto Di Patate (Mashed Potato Cake)
   Spinach - Stuffed Vidalia Onions - Bph
   Green Tomato Pie (Smcd91f)
   Monterey Rice
   Corn Bread and Smoked Ham Stuffing
   Orange Garlic Roasted Potatoes
   Zesty Dijon Green Beans
   Melting Potatoes
   Cumin-Scented Corn and Red Pepper Saute
   Corn and Zucchini Saute
   Santa Fe Succotash
   Sweet'n Sour Red Cabbage
   Fruited Red Tomato Chutney
   Beet Greens Francais
   Julienne Vegetable Soup
   Easy Potato Soup..magazine
   Shallot Roast
   Microwave Stuffed Eggplant