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   Irish Coffee Mix--Flavored Coffee Creamer
   Fireside Coffee Mix--Flavored Coffee Creamer
   Cafe Cappuccino--International Coffees
   Cafe Vienna--International Coffees
   Mocha Coffee Mix
   Viennese Coffee Mix
   Instant Hot Drink
   Spiced Tea
   Mix-And-Store Hot Chocolate Mix
   French Vanilla Instant Coffee Mix
   Beef Rendang (Dry Beef Curry)
   Eggplant Sichuan Style
   Basic Preparation of Heads, Feet, Tails, Ears and Snouts
   German Chocolate Upsidedown Cake
   Winter-Warming Tortellini Soup
   Mustard Pork Chop in Foil
   Self-Rising Flour
   Cambodian Eggplant with Pork and Shrimp
   Louisiana Boil Spice Mix
   Brandied Fruit Friendship No Yeast Starter
   Brandied Fermented Fruit Friendship Starter
   Basic Liquid Game Marinade
   Oven-Braised Pheasant with Sauerkraut
   Minted Citrus Tea Mix with Recipes
   Split Pea Soup Mix with Recipe
   World's Best Bean Soup Mix
   Impossible Chicken Tamale Pie
   Impossible Southwestern Pie
   Mama Leah's Roast Turkey with Gravy
   Mexican Seasonings Mix
   Five Spice Powder Substitute
   Italian Herb Seasoning
   Meatball Mixture
   Dene Trout Chowder
   Indonesian Hot Peanut Sauce
   Amaranth Corn Pasta^
   Ginger Pasta^
   Handy Chinese Tricks for Cooking a Whole Duck
   Szechuan Cucumber Salad
   Kitchen Hints
   Preserved Ancient Eggs
   Sweet and Sour Cucumber Relish (Taeng Kwa Brio Wan)
   Seasoning Mixture for the Mongolian Grill
   Steamed Buns I
   Steamed Buns Ii
   Steamed Buns Iii
   Introduction To Sushi
   The Care and Feeding of Woks
   Fish Sauce (Nuoc Mam)
   Kung Yang Sot Makham Piak (Broiled Lobster in Tamarind Sa