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Category: SALMON

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   Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon Sweet Bourbon Salmon
   Salmon Florentine
   Salmon Ramekins
   Moist Poached Salmon - Second Time Around
   Raw Salmon Marinated in Amontillado Sherry
   Pasta and Alaska Salad
   Potato Pancakes Vonnas with Smoked Salmon and Osetra Cavi
   Peppered Salmon Wrap
   Salmon and Shiitake Toast
   Pasta-Crusted Salmon
   Vodka Cured Salmon (Courtesy Judson Grill)
   Easy Poached Salmon/basil
   Northwest Salmon Hazelnut & Juniper Berry Sauce
   Salmon-Spinach Ravioli
   Smoked Salmon Tartare Www.dchandon.com
   Flounder with Smoked Salmon
   Pasta Rags and Warmed Salmon
   Ancho-Broiled Salmon
   Asian Gravlox with Chayote Caviar Salad
   Salmon Fillet
   Joel's Stuffed Snow Peas
   Ginger Salmon Cakes
   Salmon with a Horseradish Crust
   Broiled Salmon Steaks with Horseradish Crust
   Cured Salmon and Grouper Roulade W/ Mache Let
   Broiled Salmon Skins for Sushi
   Salmon with Ginger Sauce Source: Cooking Light Magazine
   Ancho Honey Basted Salmon
   Eggs Benedict with Salmon
   Smoked Salmon, Crispy Bacon and Maytag Bleu Cheese Salad
   Gingery Grilled Salmon Salad *Jb
   Hunan Style Salmon Chili
   Fish Mousse with Dill Sauce
   Flamingo Salmon Fillets
   Alaska Salmon and Avocado Pasta Salad
   Smoked Salmon Dill Canapes
   Salmon Steaks W/ Sour Cream Dill Sauce
   Grilled Salmon Steaks W/herb Butter
   Seafood Handling Guide
   Buying Fish
   Artichokes W/ Smoked Salmon Pasta Salad
   Pacific Salmon Chowder
   Lime-Ginger Smoked Salmon
   Scotch Poached Salmon on Couscous W/ Herbed Pear Sauce
   Kedgeree Au Gratin
   Baked Tasmanian Salmon
   Teriyaki Salmon Stir-Fry
   Gravlax of Salmon with Vegetables
   Salmon and Feta Tarts
   Barbecue Salmon Steaks with Green Ginger Sauce