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Category: SALMON

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   Terry's Smoked Sturgeon with Beetroot Carpaccio.
   Terry's Salmon with Oysters, Hijiki, Ginger Shisi-Mirin B
   Smoked Salmon Salad with Angostura Dressing
   Skewers of Atlantic Salmon with Tarragon Mayonnaise
   Barbecue Salmon Steaks W/green Ginger Sauce
   Grilled Salmon W/grilled Red Onions
   Salmon Salad Spread
   Lasagna of Pacific Salmon with Spinach and Tomato Ginger
   Grille 5115's Crispy Salmon & Spinach Spring Rolls
   Dijon Salmon
   Poached Salmon with Green Sauce
   Dallas Morning News- Grilled Salmon & Asparagus with Past
   Dallas Morning News- Salmon with Mustard Cream Sauce
   Salmon Stuffed Shells
   Poaching a Salmon
   Caramelized Salmon over a Warm Potato Salad
   Grilled Salmon W/sherry Vinegar Honey Glaze and Relish
   Sweet Bourbon Marinade for Salmon
   Salmon Stuffed with Arugula
   Smoked Salmon Pizza and Other Embellishments
   Indian Salmon [Oregon]> Raphael's Restaurant
   Fusilli with Smoked Salmon
   Chinese Style Mushroom Filled with Salmon Filet
   Oregon Salmon
   Salmon Loaf (Microwave)
   Parsley Information
   Special Scrambled Eggs
   Hee's Sushi (Nori Rolls)
   "Little Chief" Smoked Salmon Deluxe
   Salmon Marinade
   Smoked Salmon Marinade From Backwoods Frank
   Spinach Roulade with Smoked Salmon Filling and Tomato Cou
   Grilled Salmon, Marinated in Romesco Flavors
   Salmon and Mango Napoleon
   Rosengarten's Smoked Salmon
   Grilled Smoked Salmon with Tomato Salsa and Herb Butter S
   Atlantic Salmon Salad
   Baked Atlantic Salmon
   Herb and Spice-Crusted Salmon with Mushroom Risotto
   Mallorca Tallarini Al Pesto with Salmon & Monkfish Fillet
   Smoked Salmon, Bass, Hybrids
   Smoked Salmon Packages
   Salmon Cutlets with Champagne Sauce
   Salad Nicoise with Salmon
   Herbed Atlantic Salmon Cutlets with Pesto Vinaigrette
   Broiled Salmon with Garlic, Black Pepper, and Ginger
   Cure for Alder and Apple Smoked Salmon
   Roulle of Salmon Trout Baked in Herb Crust
   Medallions of Ocean Salmon with Spring Salad
   Cutlets of Atlantic Salmon with Lemon and Chive Beurre Bl