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Category: VEGAN

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   Marinated Celery, Hellenic Style
   Tofu Salad Dressing
   Grilled Spring Onions and Asparagus with Lime
   Fried Beancurd with Sweet Nut Sauce (Tao Hou
   Noodles with Vegetable and Curry Sauce (Gueyt
   Old Fashioned Mince Pie
   Bollos (Using Cooked Peas)
   Pigeon Peas and Rice
   Saffron-Laced Pastina
   Millet Pilaf
   Peanut Buttery Stir-Fry
   Tempeh and Sweetcorn Roast with Tahini/mushroom Sauce
   Tempeh and Mushroom Stew on a Mashed Potato Base
   Vegetable Pilau Special
   Bean Burritos with Salsa Mexicana
   Vegetable Paella
   Red Lentil Loaf
   Rice Salad
   Black Bean and Rice Salad
   Oriental Brown Rice Salad
   Green-And-Gold Relish
   Brazil and Cashew Nut Roast with Chestnut Stuffing
   Rice Soup Florentine
   Ginger Broccoli
   Mock Chicken Loaf Florentine with Chickenless Gravy
   Kashmiri Stir-Fry
   Fettuccine with Tomato-Avocado Sauce
   Black Bean and Corn Salad
   Salsa Vinaigrette
   Instant Irish Cream of Potato Soup
   Kasha Soup
   Swiss Cucumber Soup
   Cream of Sweet Potato Soup
   Yin-Yang Soup
   Cream of Carrot Soup
   Great Gazpacho
   Summery Cuke Soup
   Linda Mccartney's Avocado and Green Chili Soup
   Borscht Energy Soup
   Creamy Butternut Squash Soup
   Yellow Pepper Soup
   Potato Parsley Bisque
   Creamy Vegetable Tahini Soup
   Millet Soup
   Tofu Noodle Soup
   Vegetable Miso Soup
   San Francisco Vegetable Soup
   Cream of Wheat Crepes with Sesame Potatoes & Chutney
   Country Chili with Tvp
   Sweet and Sour Tvp with Pineapple