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   Sicilian Chicken - Thursday's Dinner Menu
   Vegetarian: Risi E Bisi [A Velvety Rice Dish]
   Calcium-Rich: Microwave Eggplant Parmesan
   Go-Lite: Lemon Soy Chicken
   Blueberry Sauce (Spicer)
   Confetti Peas
   Herb Vinaigrette Dressing
   Herb-Breaded Chicken
   Jiffy Pepper Steak
   Orange French Toast with Honey Yogurt Sauce
   Oven Baked Fries
   Peachy-Strawberry Toast Topper
   Rice & Beans - Wednesday's Dinner Menu
   Tangy Boiled Dressing (Rodier)
   Fast Facts and Tips About Egg Beaters
   Banana Bread >sugar Twin
   Pumperknickel Bread (Abm)
   Herb Bread (Abm)
   Oat Date Nut Bread (Abm)
   Sweet Egg Bread (Abm)
   Sweet Orange Bread (Abm)
   Tomato Bread (Abm)
   Valerie's Very Own Rye Bread (Abm)
   Light Whole Wheat Bread (Abm)
   Basic Whole Wheat (Abm)
   Light Rye Bread (Abm)
   Orange Spice Bread (Abm)
   7 or 9 Grain Bread (Abm)
   12 Grain Bread (Abm)
   Cinnamon-Raisin Bread (Abm)
   Yogurt Rye Bread (Abm) (Ovo)
   English Muffin Bread (Abm) (Lacto)
   Standard Ff Bread Recipe (Abm)
   Orange-Cranberry Bread (Abm)
   Bailey's Irish Cream Bread-Machine Bread
   Southern Cornbread (Durcholz)
   Wheat & Honey Bread (Peanut Oil)
   Butter-Rich Roll & Bread Dough
   Wine and Cheese Bread
   Spicy Red-Onion Flatbread
   Dilly Bread #3
   Anadama Bread 1
   Carrot & Thyme Bread
   Light Whole Wheat Bread
   Semolina Sesame Bread
   WW Raisin Bread
   Triticale Soy Bread
   Banana Muesli Bread
   Prune Rice Bread