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   Turkey Club Pizza
   Mohren Mit Geschnetzeltern (Beef Strips and Ca
   Bamberger Krautbraten (Bramberger Meat & Cabba
   Rostbraten Mit Pilzfulle (Beef Roast with Mush
   Kalsbrust Mit Krauterfullung (Veal Breast / He
   Kalbssxhnitzel in Currysosse (Veal Steaks / Le
   Kalbsschnitzel Mit Joghurt (Veal Steaks with Y
   Fnllyn Bara Lawr Ae Oen Cymreig Alewn Crwstyn
   Layered Mexican Dish
   Sausage and Roasted Pepper Calzone
   Burgandy Meatloaf
   Almond Tuna and Rice
   Potted Beef, Veal, Pork, or Mutton
   Eggplant Rollatini
   Beef-Broccoli Strudel
   Wine-Braised Beef Shanks
   Friday "Meat" Loaf
   Frugal Gourmet's Crown Roast of Pork
   Leek Tart
   Lower Valley Carnitas
   Lemon Basil Pasta
   Gulf Coast Scallops
   Crown Roast Stuffin
   My Shepherd's Pie
   Potato-Crust Quiche...magazine
   Chicken and Almond Mould England, 1378
   Beef and Bean Pie with Guacamole
   Corned Beef Hash Casserole
   Southwest Honey Barbecue Spareribs
   Donahue Show - White Tassle (Castle) Hamburgers
   Onion Cheese Pie
   Poor Man's Lobster #2
   Honey Ham Glaze
   Mexican Lasagna Ii
   Wesley & Kathy's World-Famous Killer 4-Star Venison Chili
   Turkey and Crab Stroganoff
   Cabbage Chowder
   Russian Borsch
   Tuscan Minestrone
   Belgian Chicken Waterzooi
   East Indies Mulligatawny
   Chicken Salad W/hearts of Artichoke & Palm in Garlic Mayo
   Bavarian Chops
   Lemon Marmalade Chops
   Spaghettini with Herbs and Raw Tomato
   Spicy Pumpkin Tortilla Baskets
   Crustless Ham and Potato Slice
   Spicy Lamb and Couscous Pie
   564565 Cabbage Rolls
   570352 Holubky (Stuffed Cabbage Rolls)