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   Basted Buffalo Steak
   Bear Chops
   Bear Chops (Ai)
   Boned Pigeon in a Wild Rice & Corn Field
   Braised Chicken with Ramps
   Braised Duck
   Braised Leg of Rabbit
   Breaded Venison Chops with Brown Sauce
   Breast of White Guinea Hen
   Broiled Alligator Tail with Lemon Butter Sauc
   Broiled Quail
   Butterfield Stage Line Chili
   Char-Grilled Kangaroo Kebabs & Smoked Eggplan
   Choctaw Hunter's Stew
   Coniglio Alla Romagnola (Rabbit in Pickled On
   Curried Moose Burgers
   Curried Quail Breasts
   Deer & Barley Soup
   Deer Jerky Mcdermott
   Deer Meat Chili
   Deer Roast
   Deer Sausage
   Deer Sausage I
   Deer Sausage Ii
   Devilled Barbecued Quail
   Dove Hash a la Reith
   Doves Brazos Valley
   Echo Lake Elk Steaks with Green Peppercorn Sa
   Edelfasan Osterreichischer Hof (Roast Pheasan
   Elk Cocktail Meatballs
   Elk Roast in Gin
   Farsed Fesaunt - Pheasant Stuffed with Spiced
   French Fried Frog Legs
   Fried Alligator
   Fried Deer Meat
   Fried Quail
   Fried Rabbit #1
   Fried Rabbit (Ai)
   Fried Squirrel
   Game Info
   Game Picadillo
   Gefullter Rehrucken Goldener Hirsch (Stuffed
   Golden Rosti
   Herb Marinaded Deer Roast
   Informaiton on Storing & Cooking Game
   Jerky (Steve Shanker)
   Juniper Venison Steaks with Wild Mushrooms
   Juniper Vinegar
   Kudzu Fried Chicken
   Leek & Potato Puree with Cheese (Papet Vaudoi