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   To Boil Pheasants, Partridges, Capons, and Curlews
   Basic Liquid Game Marinade
   Oven-Braised Pheasant with Sauerkraut
   Pot Roast Geese
   Baked Duck Breasts and Rice in Roast Duck Stock
   Quail with Crawfish Dressing
   Crockpot Goose or Duck with Apples
   Goose in Orange Sauce
   Roast Goose with Garlic, Onion and Sage Stuffing
   Easy Pheasant Recipe
   Baked Pheasant
   Roast Teal
   Orangy Duck Breasts (A Breakfast Favorite with Eggs)
   Mexicali Pheasant
   Snowshoe Rabbit with Applejack - Llbgfc
   Hare Iliamna - Llbgfcb
   Chicken-Fried Rabbit with Cream Gravy - Llbgfc
   Civet De Lapin (Rabbit Stew with Red Wine) Part 2
   Gene Blystone's Venison Mincemeat
   Braised Rabbit in Wine Sauce - Fgci
   Loin of Venison with Cherry Chile Salsa
   Rabbit (Or Chicken) Jambalaya
   Native American Rabbit Delight
   Native American Rabbit Hot Pot Casserole
   Cherokee Pepper Pot Soup (Ai)
   Rabbit Stew with Dumplings
   Deer Pemican (Ogalala Sioux)
   Arapaho Roast Quail
   Blackfeet Indian Jellied Snake
   Grilled Moose Steak
   Marinated Porcupine Chops
   Indian Stuffed and Baked Raccoon with Apples
   Corn and Moose Meat Casserole
   Comanche Fried Frog Legs
   Delaware Indian Deer Liver with Onions
   Kiowa Venison Roast
   Quapaw Fried Rabbit
   Apache Wild Goose
   Waco Groundhog in Sour Cream
   Indian Jerky
   Chippewa Dill Jellied Eel
   Beaver Tail Soup
   Roast Buffalo
   Bill's Venison or Buffalo Roast
   Acorn Stew
   Parmesan Rabbit
   Rabbit 'N Gravy
   About Rabbit
   Game Cooking
   Rattlesnake Chili