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Category: SEAFOOD

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   Steamed Fresh Crab in Curry Sauce
   Shrimp and Pasta Primavera
   Assorted Vegetables in a Clear Sauce
   Butterfly Shrimp with Snowpeas
   Steamed Whole Fish
   Wined Fish Chunks in Broth
   Stewed Cauliflower in Cream Sauce
   Braised Pork and Fresh Oysters in Clay Pot
   Salmon Steak with Cloud Ears and Noodles
   Steamed Pungent Cod with Cabbage
   Shangyi Shrimp
   Stir Fried Oysters with Garlic and Green Onio
   Crab Rangoon
   Shrimp in Lobster Sauce
   Steamed Prawns with Black Beans
   Herring Salad
   Justin Wilson's Crawfish or Shrimp Cocktail
   Justin Wilson's Tuna Salad
   Blackened Arctic Char
   Crab Stuffed Mushrooms # 2
   Barbecue Crab Sandwich
   Brattens Famous Clam Chowder
   Chinese Oyster Stew
   Clam Chowder #1
   Creole Bouillabaisse
   Fihserman's Chowder
   Okra Seafood Gumbo
   Oyster St. Laurent
   Quick Cape Breton Chowder
   Asparagus and Crab Meat Soup - Mang Tay Nau Cua
   Crab Combination Soup
   Dom Yam Gung (Thai Shrimp Soup)
   Ducklings Swimming in a Pond
   Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup - Tom Yam Goong *
   Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup
   Hot Red Snapper Soup (Korean Domi Chigae)
   Oriental Chrysanthemum Bowl
   Peking Shrimp Ball Soup
   Shanghai Fish Soup
   Shrimp Wonton Soup
   Sour Fish Head Soup for One (Canh Chua Dau Ca)
   Spicy and Sour Shrimp Soup
   Szechwan Soup
   Tom Yum Goong - Thai Shrimp Soup
   White Fish Pieces in Soup
   Grilled Fish in Foil From Fred Goslin
   Shrimp & Scallop Kabobs From Fred Goslin
   Clam Casserole
   Tuscan Tuna Salad