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   Scalloped Scallops #1
   Scalloped Scallops #2
   Scallops and Black Beans
   Scallops and Cashews in Tangerine Sauce
   Scallops and Fettuccine
   Scallops and Goat Cheese with Spaghetti
   Scallops and Pasta for Two
   Scallops and Pears with Fettucine in a Garlic-Ginger Cream
   Scallops and Snow Peas
   Scallops Au Gratin
   Scallops Baked
   Scallops Ceviche
   Scallops Dijon
   Scallops En Brochette
   Scallops Exceptional
   Scallops in Basil Sauce
   Scallops in Foil Packages
   Scallops in Habanero Sauce
   Scallops in Mushroom Tomato Sauce
   Scallops in Papillote
   Scallops in Rice Pie Shell
   Scallops in Sesame Marinade
   Scallops in Wine
   Scallops Mornay
   Scallops Pizzelle
   Scallops Sauteed with Black Bean Sauce
   Scallops Tarragon
   Scallops Venetian-Style
   Scallops Venetian-Style (Cape Sante Alla Vene
   Scallops with Bacon and Maple Cream
   Scallops with Basil-Lemon Sauce
   Scallops with Cress and Tomatoes
   Scallops with Green Peppercorn
   Scallops with Lemon-Pepper Fettucini& Sun-Dried Tomatoes
   Scallops with Lime Butter
   Scallops with Orange and Chervil Vinaigrette
   Scallops with Pine Nuts and Dried Tomatoes
   Scallops with Snow Peas
   Scallops with Spicy Tomatoes and Fettuccine
   Scallops with Vermicelli
   Scallops, Grilled in Lime Marinade
   Scallops, Grilled on a Spinach Bed
   Scallops, Spa Pasta
   Scampi a la Hufft
   Scampi Alla Livornese
   Scampi Alla Siciliani
   Scampi in Vermouth
   Scampi Kabobs -Geo Foreman Grill
   Scampi Mare Nostrum