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Category: FISH

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   Salmon and Lemon Quiche Topping
   Moroccan Spiced Salmon On Lentils (Hl)
   Tequila And Lime Cured Gravlax
   Tim Quinn's Grilled Honey-Lavender Salmon
   Warm Salmon Medallions with Crisp Vegetable Salad
   Salmon Steaks in Garlic-Herb Butter - Cpf
   Salmon or Halibut in a Vibrant Sauce
   Eggs Stuffed with Salmon
   Samon Mousse, Appetizer ( August, 1991)
   Horseradish Crusted Salmon with Braised Greens
   Grilled Meli Melo of Seafood with Soy Beurre
   Salmon and Shiitakes Steamed in Romaine
   Barchetta Endivia Belga E Taleggio (Endive & Taleggio Boa
   Scalloped Salmon and Peas
   Tuna and Tomato Sandwich
   Cold Meat Platter #4
   Boiled Salmon
   Cold Poached Salmon W/mustard Lime Sauce
   Poached Salmon Cutlets W/ Hot Basil Sauce
   Salmon with Spanish Onion Chutney
   Sauteed Salmon W/ Zucchini Noodles &red Bell Pepper Couli
   Grilled Salmon in Corn Husks
   Pasta-Crusted Salmon with Roasted Vegetables and Griddled
   Alaska Baked Salmon
   Alaska-Style Salmon Fettuccine
   Salmon Fajita
   Salmon a la King
   Smothered Salmon
   Baked Salmon and Macaroni
   Asparagus Fish Salad
   Smoked Salmon and Salmon Mousse Terrine with Choupict Ca
   Sole Stuffed with Salmon Mousse
   Baked Salmon Croquettes
   Barbecued Baked Salmon > K Selwyn
   Belle Salmon
   Tea Salmon in the Garden with Lemon
   Dilled Pinwheels
   Teriyaki Salmon
   Salmon or Tuna Fish Salad
   Salmon Croquettes #3
   Salmon Soup #2
   Fish Chowder #2
   Pasta with Smoked Salmon
   Cold Salmon with Cucumber Sauce
   Mom's Salmon Mousse
   Rise's Light Salmon Mousse
   Salmon Muffins
   Smoked Salmon, Squaquerone Cheese, Red Onion, and Arugula